sobota 2. července 2011

Thank´s MohaKinClimbers

26.3.2011 we booked into the climbing company, MohaKinClimbers, based in Nyanuki town, at the foothills of Mount Kenya National Park. Here we began our ´glorious´ ascent of the Peak Lenana ( 4985 m), along the Sirimone route. It was meant to be our personal achievement, challenge to face and overcome insidious traps of altitude sickness ! With many wise recommendations of our experienced mountain guide Sam and with the help of our other two companions, porters Alex and Eric, we finally made it to the top.

We summited this Lenana peak at around 6.00 am in the morning on 29th March. After 3 hours of walking with slow but steady pace on the steep slope of this majestic mountain covered with some fresh glistering snow, the moon and thousands of stars witnessed our struggle. These three hours of peaceful hiking in sacred silence of freezing night will always remain stick in our memory. We managed to reach the peak just couple of minutes before the sunrise, when we found ourselves and the surrounding peaks and ridges bathing in golden shine of african morning.

At this point we would also like to highlight how important role our guide and other two companions played for us.
Not only were they helpful especially to me ( Jana ), with carrying necessary thick warm winter clothes without which I would have surely frozen to death during the freezing nights at 4200 m at Shipton Hut....but first of all, Sam, Alex, Eric, they were all very good and friendly characters. People you wish to meet again, those who make your experience so memorable and worthy.
You remeber all the scenic views, fascinatingly beautiful nature, but first of all, these are the memories of kind companions you are happy to share your past stories with and to struggle for reaching the top.

We are grateful to Mohammed, the managing director of the MohaKinClimbers, who ´grabbed´ us on the street in Nyanuki, took us to his office and persuaded us that his company is the best for us. And the experience we brought from the Mountain proved he was right. He provided us with excellent service and we were confided to the best guides whose company we appreciated much. There is nothing left to say, only that the MohaKinClimbers company is worthy recommending.
Good luck for you, Sam, Alex, Eric, Mohammed... all the best !

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